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12 weeks 1:1 Mentoring
become your brand

You see all these people working online, from where and when they want. All these women who built their dream. And it touches something in you. You kinda want that too because you love to travel.

But you don’t manage to show yourself online. You are too worried that it could be embarrassing. If at all, you would need to write content for a whole month before you can start.

And you anyway have no idea what type of business would be your thing. And where to start even? It seems SO big. So big that you don’t even want to open that box.

But the dream, it stays in the back of your head.

Cool. No worries. Gotcha. I was there too at some point. And look where I am now.

We’ll get there, step by step. You need clarity as to what your gift is. And confidence to show it to the world. You need some branding & strategy knowledge. And a good dose of trust into yourself & the universe. Aaaall of these topics we’ll look at.

So that by the end of our 12 weeks, you have a branded, active Insta channel & you started to build your website. You had first market research calls with potential soul clients and know your brand archetypes. You know how to deal with yourself and how to clear road blocks. In other words, you have ALL the basics that are needed to start flying.

Sounds good? I’d certainly say so! 😃

If you need some more hard facts, here you go 😊

The Communication Mentoring

Learn how to talk directly to your client’s soul & build your tribe.

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