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You want to have the freedom to plan your own days and weeks combined with having work that truly fills your heart? You’d love to travel and experience the world, not just in the 5 weeks vacation you get per year? 

In short: having your own online business is your big dream?

Then you’re in the right place! In 3 months, you’ll go from “I want to work online, but how exactly and what to offer?” to “yay! first clients!!”

Know this?

Last 1:1 spots for 2024: sign-up until 07th June


Too many ideas

You have too many ideas for offers and content and don't have any structure to filter them. Either you have no clear offer yet, or too many. Whichever it is, you're not making (m)any sales.

Low engagement

You've started to post on Instagram, but you're taking hours to edit content and end up getting hardly any engagement or views. Gaining followers is super hard for you.

Unclear & Vague

Everything feels unclear and vague. There are so many options you could go for, such as different types of offers or marketing strategies. And you don't want to pick the wrong one. You have no idea where to start.

What could they think?

You're worried what other people could think of you when they see you online. Be it friends & family or mean strangers that could leave hate comments. You're holding yourself back, trying to fit in and not upset anyone.


With the start of an online business there are suddenly sooo many topics popping up. It’s as if you’ve suddenly opened the doors to a whole new world with 238 possible roads to take.

You could offer online courses, workbooks, 1:1 services. There’s lots to learn in terms of marketing from finding your niche & positioning, over content creation, or how to build a website

Probably you have tons of ideas but no clue which one could be a good one. And you really don’t want to go for the wrong one that leads to failure.

On top of it all, your mind plays constant games on you. Questions pop up such as “But what if I fail?” “What if i won’t be able to pay my bills?” “What if I choose the wrong offer?”, “What could my friends think if they see me online?”.

All of that let’s you either procrastinate your dream endlessly or keeps you super busy with all sorts of things that don’t bring you much further.

If you are here, you’ve most likely had enough of that f*ckery and are ready to give yourself a loving butt kick. 😉

Sooo, let’s get started, shall we?! 😀

First of all, listen to Ginger who was exactly where you are at before we started to work together.

In 3 months you could have this

Clear offer

We get crystal clear on WHO you want to help with WHAT and HOW. This client-centered approach makes it really easy to find your niche, position yourself in the market, and create an offer that both resonates with you AND sells easily.

Engagement & Followers

The clarity in terms of niche and offer, as well as the research calls you will do, lead to a much deeper understanding of the people you want to talk to. That, combined with knowledge on the algorithm, leads to a growing community.


Clarity, a cool offer, eyes on this offer... There's only one more little piece needed in order to generate sales which is: you actively selling. Also this you will learn. In a natural way, no weird pressure tactics necessary. And that leads to you working with first clients.


Whether I'm guiding you on how to build your website or build it for you: by the end of the 3 months you'll have a lit website that fits perfectly into your branding and sells your offer.

Want to get to know me a bit better first?


Hotel Manager at age 25

After my Master’s degree in Business & Economics, I went to Zanzibar to lead a hotel.

From 0 team lead experience to suddenly 20 staff members under me and leading a 6- to 7-figure business. That was a big step.

I had to learn all the in-and-outs of the hotel business in a 3 weeks handover period. It was intense, but also lots of fun.

This experience taught me, that you can learn a LOT in a short period if you simply have to.

And it made me fall in love with entrepreneurship. I also realized: I wanted to lead my own company, and not be tied to a specific place.

My dream was born to have my own online business.

Living the online business dream

I’m writing this page sitting in sunny Morocco, where I’ve spent the winter. But I myself once stood where you are right now. 2.5 years ago, I took a week off my full-time job to work on building my business. One day during that week, I leisurely went to the sauna and dreamed of being able to do it whenever I wanted.

Recently, I did just that. I spent a whole day in the sauna midweek without having to ask anyone for holidays or permission. I thought back to the time when that was just a distant dream.

Things can change very quickly when you decide to start. I too had a burning dream of being free to live my life the way I wanted to, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. So I got myself support.

Unfortunately, in my first year, I was too focused on the personal development pieces of business. That led to a constant struggle financially.

When I finally understood how to bring the 2 worlds together: the mind & the heart, the structure & the flow, the strategy & the passion. That’s when my business took off.

Last 1:1 spots for 2024: sign-up until 07th June


BraveBiz Builder

Let’s dive into what we do in this 3 months 1:1 business coaching program!

Passion and service are at the basis of business for me. That’s what makes for 80% of the success and it’s also what keeps you going when the going gets tough.

But you definitely also need the other 20%: strategy. As this is your first time building a business, you have lots to learn in this area.

My program is a healthy mix of both. I give you clear step-by-step guidance on what to do. And whenever you are stuck somewhere, we check in which mindset or emotional piece is holding you back.

I want you to go out of this program after 3 months feeling confident and clear about your business because you built a solid basis. You have experienced first hand how easy it can be to grow a community and sign on clients. And if you’ve not quit your job by that time yet, you still know exactly how to proceed to generate a full-time income as your own boss. 

The 3 months of this program are split into the 3 pillars.

In 3 months to first clients

Month 1:
Business Idea, Niche & offer

That is the foundation of a successful business. In 90% of businesses that don't generate any revenues, this is where the issue is at. You need to be super clear on who you help with what and how. That's the basis we work on in the first month. We make sure you have a crystal clear offer that you are passionate about and that is easy to sell.

Month 2:

Once you have a clear offer, people need to know about it. So we look into how to make that offer visible. One tool is content marketing on social media. You learn how to grow an engaged community. The other tool is having a professional website. So I build you one (or guide you on how to build it if you want to do it yourself).

Month 3:

I'm really not into any weird pressure tactics. A good sales person to me is someone who is able to feel and tune into the needs of their potential clients and speak their language. It has a lot to do with building a relationship of trust and genuine support. You'll learn all about it in the 3rd month.


Your future

Within 3 months, your life could look radically different!

You’ll create a crystal clear offer, learn how to present it online, and work with first clients. That all might sound super far away. But it’s really not that difficult.

You’ll look back to the version of you now and think to yourself “What a wild ride! All the milestones I achieved, it’s insane! I still can’t quite believe it.”

This is what your life could look like in 3 months if you decide to invest:

You feel clear about your offer, your business, and the direction you are heading towards. You built a solid business foundation that inevitably leads to full-time self-employment.

You are working with first clients and understand what to do to sign on more clients. You likely have generated a first 4-fig amount somewhere between 1k$ and 5k$.

You started to build a social media community that supports you and engages with you.
Content creation has become fun and easy. You know exactly which content goes viral, and which one leads to sales.

You have a stunning website that fits perfectly to your social media branding and adds a lot of credibility to your business. It gives your clients all the info they need in order to say “this is exactly what I want, I buy!”

Who it's for

Who it's not for

Client stories

From 0$ to a 100k$ project in 3 months

I met Eva on a start-up event back in August. She was trying to sell her services in implementing the ERP Odoo (an ERP is a software that combines all business processes in one solution; i.e. finance, HR, acounting, logistics,…). Super useful for companies who want to streamline their processes. Not that useful for sole proprietors with 2 clients.

She was constantly talking to people who did not have any money for fancy software, nor a process overview issue in their businesses, as they were just starting out.
So, we got to work.

3 months later she had a clear understanding of:

  • her talents, strengths, and experience
  • who her ideal client is and what problems they want solved
  • where that client is hanging out.


That knowledge & clarity helped her to land her first 100k$ project.

First client after 2 days

Irene tried to secure clients in all possible ways for months, but it just didn’t work out. We had a first call and 2 days later she signed on her first paying client ever. Here’s her own words.


Last 1:1 spots for 2024: sign-up until 07th June



Nope! All I need from you is the dream of becoming free. Being able to shape your own day and work from anywhere. AND: the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve that.

We’ll work out the rest together.

Many people who come to me don’t have a specific business idea yet. Most of the time, that’s simply because you’re approaching the topic from the wrong perspective or there’s still too much uncertainty at play. We’ll look at that and find your idea that you’re passionate about in the first month.

As much as you can invest. If you can invest around 5-7 hours per week, great! If it’s more, that’s perfect.

Building an online business is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t expect to achieve something without putting in any effort. But at the same time, it doesn’t make sense to work so much that you’re exhausted after just one month.

You get weekly 1:1 calls with me plus WhatsApp support for any questions that pop up in between the calls.

On top I give you personalized feedback to anything you do. Be it content, messaging with potential clients, or writing marketing texts.

We will also develop your branding together.

Usually I build a website for you, but that’s an add-on you can also leave away if you want.
Unless you are really excited to build one by yourself, I highly advise to take that add-on. It saves you a lot of time & energy, and makes sure you have a professional website, integrated with your branding.

Clear goal is to get your first paying clients within these 3 months. I often see people making their first $1k to $5k.

If you expect something like $10k right away, you’ve probably fallen for marketing tactics. It’s not impossible but there is few who manage to generate such a number in their first 3 months when they started from scratch.

Let's break out of the 9to5!

Imagine a life where your office is a bungalow in Bali, a cozy café in Paris, or an idyllic mountain hut. This probably feels surreal, just like my dream of going to the sauna mid-week back then. However, it’s not just a dream but your potential reality. With my guidance, you will have the tools, strategies, and confidence to build the location-independent income you desire.

Are you ready to take yourself and your dreams seriously? Together, we will create your online business that not only brings you financial success but also fun.

Stop putting things off until tomorrow and don’t let your dreams remain dreams. Let’s make them a reality. It all starts with a first step. Click the button below and schedule a call today. We’ll get to know each other and see if it’s a fit. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Rebecca Nassor Mentoring
c/o OBC Suisse AG
Aeschengraben 29
4051 Basel

12 weeks 1:1 Mentoring
become your brand

You see all these people working online, from where and when they want. All these women who built their dream. And it touches something in you. You kinda want that too because you love to travel.

But you don’t manage to show yourself online. You are too worried that it could be embarrassing. If at all, you would need to write content for a whole month before you can start.

And you anyway have no idea what type of business would be your thing. And where to start even? It seems SO big. So big that you don’t even want to open that box.

But the dream, it stays in the back of your head.

Cool. No worries. Gotcha. I was there too at some point. And look where I am now.

We’ll get there, step by step. You need clarity as to what your gift is. And confidence to show it to the world. You need some branding & strategy knowledge. And a good dose of trust into yourself & the universe. Aaaall of these topics we’ll look at.

So that by the end of our 12 weeks, you have a branded, active Insta channel & you started to build your website. You had first market research calls with potential soul clients and know your brand archetypes. You know how to deal with yourself and how to clear road blocks. In other words, you have ALL the basics that are needed to start flying.

Sounds good? I’d certainly say so! 😃

If you need some more hard facts, here you go 😊

The Communication Mentoring

Learn how to talk directly to your client’s soul & build your tribe.

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