Hi, I’m Rebecca

Straight-forward, free spirit, bold af

If someone tells me “It’s impossible” that just inspires me to show them how possible it is. So, how about we make some things possible for you? 😀


Let's all be a bit crazy

I’m 30, already lived in Zanzibar for 2 years, have a master’s degree in Business & Economics, was leading a hotel with 20 staff members, and am in an interfaith & intercultural relationship. In August 21 I wanted to have an own business (again) & in Jan 22 I jumped into self-employment. I guess you could say I do things slightly different than the average Swiss.

Why am I telling you this?
Not because I think I’m better than you.

Rather the opposite. I want to inspire you that a life out of the ordinary is possible for you too!  💥

Let’s look at my values before diving further into my story.



My values


I’m used to making bold moves. It’s not that I’m not afraid. But I don’t see fear as a reason to stay away from a path.


You’re also not taking yourself or life too seriously? Wuhuw! Then we are 2 over here already. Life is so much more fun on our side, isn’t it? 😉


Real, deep connections require honesty. Growth requires honesty. Serving others requires honesty.


Leading means taking decisions & the responsibility for them. And indecisiveness is truly not something I waste my time with.


Doesn’t matter whether it’s kite surfing or coaching, I want to be good at things. I want to have an impact, to be big. I know you have that drive too. Let’s be big together!


I can’t stand people bitching at each other. Such an unnecessary waste of energy. Let’s rather shower the world with a wave of kindness!

If I want something, I go and get it.

I was always willing to jump. To make big steps that others called me courageous for.

Now I’m excited to hold space for your bigness. To lead you to get what you truly want (an income online), even if it scares you.

And to teach you how you can slowly hold yourself, no matter what challenge life throws at you.

Hotel Manager
in Zanzibar

So how did I find a hotel manager job in Zanzibar, directly after studying?

Mind you, I had no team lead and only 6-month hotel internship experience.

In the beginning of the search, I felt kinda overwhelmed. I knew I wanted to work in Eastern or Southern Africa. And I also knew I wanted to have the job before going there. It was not an option to go and see what I can get.

But where to even start? It was like finding a needle in a haystack.

I didn’t know which job search engines I should be using. All that I could find looked like fake ads or volunteer jobs.

So, I sent out lots of unsolicited applications. I tried to network with tour operators and see if they could help me build a connection. I kept going at it.

In hindsight, I had what’s needed to make the impossible happen: a strong mission

My Mission

I was passionate about sustainable tourism and especially about supporting local talent. I saw that smart locals are not getting the support they need to grow beyond standard waiter positions. I wanted to empower them (it always comes back to empowerment for me, it seems 😁).

By now, I know empowering people from a different culture is easier said than done. It requires a lot of understanding and cultural knowledge. But I’m drifting off. 😄

Back to having a mission: I believe that a mission pulls opportunities into your life that are not accessible without. It’s as if the universe pulls all its support together to help you fulfil your purpose.

So, I had a strong mission. And it helped me to pull in this most unlikely of events.

One day when I opened Facebook, there it was: a job ad. 

A hotel in Zanzibar was looking for an assistant manager.

And not just any hotel. I had stayed in this hotel before and had fallen in love with it. With its charm, its boutique style, its antique interior.

Only issue: they were looking for an assistant manager with 2 years of experience in that role. And they wanted someone per June.

I was not a fit at all. My only hotel experience was as an intern in a beach hotel for 6 months. And I was not able to start per June. I still needed to finish my studies, so my earliest start date was September.

Going for it, no matter what

BUT something pulled me. When staying there, I truly loved this hotel, the feel of it. And working there just felt like an absolute dream.

So, I applied
. No matter what spoke against me, I simply applied.

From there on it went quickly.

They came back to me and invited me to an interview in SWITZERLAND. I didn’t know that the hotel owner was Swiss.

I went to the interview, and it was an immediate match. We got along perfectly and made an interesting conversation out of an interview.

And the best about it: he said if they hired me, then not as the assistant manager but as the general manager. They ever only hired one expat and that was the general manager. The general manager at that time wanted to leave at the end of the year, so timing was also not an issue anymore.  

Long story short: I got hired as general manager and moved to Zanzibar 5 months later.

So the key ingredients that any big dream (such as founding your online business) needs are a strong mission & the confidence to go out and do whatever it takes.

Online Business Ventures

I had to learn all the in-and-outs of the hotel business in a 3 weeks handover period. It was intense, but also lots of fun.

This experience made me fall in love with entrepreneurship. But soon, I felt more trapped than I did in Switzerland because I was stuck working six days a week.

The idea to have my own online business started to sprout in my head.

In 2020, when everything shut down, I was still in Zanzibar.

As a hotel manager that meant I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. So, I went for my dream the first time and started to build an online kickboxing course.

That failed horribly for many reasons. One of them: I just do not care enough about sports & nutrition to talk about it 24/7.

But failing is how you learn. I went for it again in 2021 without repeating the mistakes.

That time I finally found the topic I’m passionate about: empowerment. There’s no better moment, than when a human being opens up to see all the endless possibilities that are around.

By now I apply that to the very same dream I had: I help travel addicts to create their income online.

Let's start your adventure!

For me an adventure is something that’s deeply exciting and at the same time scary. Something out of the ordinary. Are you ready to get clear on what the adventure is that your heart desires and to build the confidence to follow it?

If so:
Welcome to my universe. There is nothing that you cannot learn or become.
It’s all just a decision away.

I’m honoured to guide you.
To uncover your mission.
To infuse your doing with meaning.
To bring clarity into your path.
To fuel your actions with confidence. 
To find the work that truly lights you up.
And most importantly: to help you create your online income, so that you are free to travel!

I’m excited to work with you! 😃
Send me a message and we schedule a call to see if we are a fit.

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12 weeks 1:1 Mentoring
become your brand

You see all these people working online, from where and when they want. All these women who built their dream. And it touches something in you. You kinda want that too because you love to travel.

But you don’t manage to show yourself online. You are too worried that it could be embarrassing. If at all, you would need to write content for a whole month before you can start.

And you anyway have no idea what type of business would be your thing. And where to start even? It seems SO big. So big that you don’t even want to open that box.

But the dream, it stays in the back of your head.

Cool. No worries. Gotcha. I was there too at some point. And look where I am now.

We’ll get there, step by step. You need clarity as to what your gift is. And confidence to show it to the world. You need some branding & strategy knowledge. And a good dose of trust into yourself & the universe. Aaaall of these topics we’ll look at.

So that by the end of our 12 weeks, you have a branded, active Insta channel & you started to build your website. You had first market research calls with potential soul clients and know your brand archetypes. You know how to deal with yourself and how to clear road blocks. In other words, you have ALL the basics that are needed to start flying.

Sounds good? I’d certainly say so! 😃

If you need some more hard facts, here you go 😊

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