How to release your Power

Do you know this feeling?You want to show up in your power. In your energy. In your fullness. In your commitment & conviction.And you can feel it.But once you turn on that camera, it’s just not coming through.

Let me share which beliefs I work on to release my power.

I am enough

Right now. In this moment. I do not need to get more followers, more clients, or more testimonials. I do not need to get more knowledge, more experience, or more money. What I am in this moment is always enough. To attract whatever I want.

I do not need to know more or to be online more. I do not need better copy or better graphics.

I get behind all that I am right now.

I am enough! What I do is enough! What I know is enough!


Get this into every cell of your being.

I want this now

It’s a protection mechanism. To say: I want this, but if it doesn’t come today, then tomorrow is fine too. Or the day after. As long as I get it at some point.

I recently realized that I was doing that for a long time.

  • When I was still employed full-time I was like “I only really need to get clients in Jan, when I’m fully self-employed.”
  • Then it changed into “hmm I’m in Zanzibar and it’s really nice here. Plus I still have money on my account. Not so urgent to get my ass up.”
  • Now I got a side-job and I already started to do it again: “Oh I have a salary now. It would be nice to get clients now. But I only really need it in June.”

It’s a way to protect yourself from disappointment. From wondering why it again didn’t work. From feeling like a failure. So instead of being clear about when you want what, you blur the deadlines. Great way to avoid dealing with the negative feelings. And also a great way to stay stuck.

If you want it now, commit yourself to it. And if it doesn’t come now, then go through the discomfort & check why you are not a match yet. Instead of faking that all is good, because it can still come tomorrow.

I’m not the nice girl

Research says it’s better to formulate positive sentences. Such as “I am the trailblazer.” But sometimes it also helps me to clearly define what I do NOT want to be. And the nice girl is clearly amongst them.

It’s a difficult one to distance yourself from. Because the nice girl is liked by everyone. And who does not want to be liked?

But the nice girl also says yes to everything. She is the one not asking for a salary raise. She doesn’t call others out when she sees that they bullshit themselves. She doesn’t celebrate her wins, because someone could be hurt by that.

She certainly does not get what she wants, because she is too nice to ask for it in the first place. She doesn’t demand more. She’s happy with whatever she gets, instead of setting clear boundaries. Instead of defining which standard is acceptable to her and which not.

She doesn’t make a difference in this world, because for that you would need to stick out. And that is the last thing she wants. Better to disappear in the masses.

So please, do us all a favour and stop being the nice girl. There are enough of those already.

I’m not too much

It’s an interesting combo. Often, we feel we are not enough and at the very same time also that we are too much.

That we could offend someone. Or walk over someone’s feelings. Or make someone feel less. As I have a history of being too much, that’s a pretty nasty one for me. It’s one that blocks me again and again.

So, I practice making clear to myself:
My expression can’t be too much for the right people. Ever. Very likely it’s too much for some. But it will be the perfectly right amount for my soul mates.

And if I’m too much for someone then I would still not help this person by being less. Because if we would all adapt downwards, where would we get? Oh wait. That’s pretty much where we are. And I wouldn’t say the world is in such a great shape.

You need to make peace with the fact that some people leave. Some unfollow. Some think you lost your mind. But if that happens it’s always a great sign that you are doing something right. Everyone who unfollows makes space for someone who fits better to you.

I can change the world

That one is hanging on my post-it wall.

I realized some months ago that I had learnt I can’t make a difference. And that belief made it impossible to find my topic. To find my voice. To find what I wanted to stand for.

Because what for? If I can anyway not make a difference, why should I take position? Why to be on fire for something if nothing changes?

That’s a deep one that you need to get rid of. Understand: simply by living you are making a difference every day, to many people around you. And what would be here on this earth for if we can’t make a difference?

Make a cashier happy by giving a smile today. There, already changed something big time.
Because this person will remember that til the evening. And come home happier than usual. And he will be nicer to his kids that day. Who in turn will be more kind to their friends. And so on.

It’s called a ripple effect.


Not being able to fully express is often connected to you being focused waaaay too much on the external. Instead of working on the internal. You want to prove something. Or to be accepted. Or to avoid being uncomfortable.

The above are some of the beliefs possibly underlying that. There could be others in your head that hinder you to come into true expression.

Hunt them down one after the other.

When working on beliefs, it’s always a good idea to put your focus on 1 or 2 for the moment. And then work on the next ones. That makes it easier to catch yourself every time you fall into old patterns. When you’re brain needs to pay attention to 55k different things, it will be massively overwhelmed. So better to take care of one after the other.

If this helped you share it with your people! So that they can profit from it too.

Hugs 🤗,

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