Build your online business in 6 months

In 6 months, you want to sit at a beach in Mexico, drink in your hand, after a work day in your online business? Let's look at 5 things you need to do TODAY for that to happen.

1. Decide that you build your online business in 6 months

Our minds are magical. They can be our best friends or our worst enemies.

What usually happens if people want to build their online business: they go “I really want to, but can I really??”. There’s a back-and-forth happening in your head. You’re debating with yourself whether it’s really worth going for that dream or whether you’ll fail anyway. You’re wondering “But howww?”, but not in a way of “ok, I want this, let me find out how.” More in a way of “howw, it’s all so difficult, I don’t know where to start, so I don’t start.”

That all requires lots of energy, lots of time, and brings you absolutely nowhere.

Decide. That. It. Will. Happen!

Stop questioning yourself all the time and instead invest that energy into going forward. Into steps that you can take to make it happen.

Stop repeating the phrase of “What if it doesn’t work?” and instead repeat “What if it all turns out much better than I could have ever imagined?”

2. Do the numbers

Here’s the useful way of thinking about the HOW.

Bring in the logic of what exactly that means financially. If you want to sit on the beach in Mexico (or wherever else) in 6 months, what does that mean financially?

  • What’s the minimum you need to be earning 6 months from now for that to work?
  • Let’s assume you say 2k$: how many clients at which price point does that mean?
    • 1 x 2k$
    • 4 x 500$
    • 20 x 100
    • 40 x 50$

Breaking the numbers down makes it tangible and gives you a better feeling for what that means in terms of sales.

And when it comes to the initial goal: really select the minimum amount that you need in order to pay the bills. For most people that is around 2k$ which is why I selected that.

Here’s an Insta post I wrote about why the 10k$ goal is stupid.

3. Split up your goals

Now you break it down even further. You know now what you want to be earning 6 months from now with your own online business.

Now you check what that means for the months leading up to that. IMPORTANT: You do NOT want to think of making 2k THIS month if you are at 0 now. It will keep you stuck 100%. I did that for a year, believe me, it’s not working.

You want to set goals that lead up to 2k in 6 months. Not tomorrow. So split up your goals into pieces.

For example like this:

  • 6 months: 2k$
  • 5 months: 1.5k$
  • 4 months: 1k$
  • 3 months: 500$
  • 2 months: 300$
  • 1 month: 100$

Your goal that you celebrate the f*ck out of when you reach it this month is 100$ not 2k$.

And when I mean “celebrate the f out of it”, then I mean celebrate it as if you just made 1 Mio$. The more you can appreciate ANY amount of money, no matter how small or big, coming to you. The more money will come to you.

Adapt it to your idea

Please adapt this to your business idea and model. If you want to sell an online product, it’s easily possible that you do not make any money in the first 1 to 3 months. Because you need to build the product and the structures to sell it first. But then probably you want to use ads and can therefore get more $ more quickly.

4. Concrete action to build your online business in 6 months

So you have the goals. Now you plan the action.

What’s the concrete action that you’ll need to do to build your online business in 6 months?

Of course, the concrete action and the sequence of it depends again largely on your business idea and model.

No business idea yet?

I’m assuming for this blog post that you have at least a vague idea of what you could offer. If you do not have that yet: I’m planning on writing a post with my 5 best tips to find your business idea. Make sure you follow on Insta, so that you don’t miss it. And/or subscribe to my email list at the bottom of this page. You’ll get a workbook for online business starters that includes tips on finding your business idea too.

To-do’s in the first months of building your online business

Again, really depends on your business model. But there are some to-do’s that most online business startups face. Here they are:

  • Check out your competition to get a feeling for what’s already on the market and how the business models of others work.
  • Do market research calls with potential clients to understand their needs and wants.
  • Get test clients. The ultimate way to learn about your clients, be helpful to others, and build your network, get feedback. All at once.
  • Network, network, network. Connect with people, online, offline, everywhere.
  • Build a website that sells. You can sell without one, but it gives a business a lot of credibility. Especially in the beginning when you do not have tons of testimonials that give you that credibility, it’s very helpful.
  • Start to build a social media community. Choose the social media that your ideal clients use. One is enough, don’t scatter yourself in 4.

5. Get yourself support

I’m not saying it’s impossible. But pretty unlikely that this is gonna happen for you in 6 months if you start from scratch and do it alone. We are all not taught entrepreneurship, we are taught being employees. So starting your own business is learning a whole new way of life. That does not mean: book me. Book whoever you feel aligned with.

I’d steer clear of investing in too many online courses. 1, or 2 completely fine. But then rather go for a 1:1 mentoring. The gift of online courses is knowledge transfer. But that’s also their curse. Because you end up spending your time learning tons of stuff instead of implementing. A mentor or coach on the other hand will give you step-by-step tasks and you do not have to worry about learning all at once. Instead, you’ll be guided to implement right away, piece by piece.

In terms of my mentoring, I make sure people stay focused on the steps ahead of them. I help them with concrete homework and check on how they implement it. And I help them re-program their mind for success. These 3 things are the main reasons why my clients get ahead so much faster than if they’d do it alone.

They do not get lost in procrastinating, avoiding certain uncomfortable tasks, or doubting themselves. Instead, they go forward, step-by-step.

Wanna know more? Send me an email or a message on Insta.


So, get yourself pen & paper and make a plan. Once you break things down it looks much more feasible already. And then, once you have the plan: start to take the steps.

You do not need to tell everyone right away or quit your job instantly. Simply start to do your research for yourself. Start to invest your time in the path you want to walk.

I wish you all the success and lots of fun along the way. You got this!



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